I have received a message asking me to send my username and password

Fraudsters often try to access the password for your email or other accounts by pretending to be from a website administration or support service. They use a fake reply address and ask you to send them your username and password to “reactivate” your account or receive a “secret” or “lost” message.

Important! Yandex never asks you for your password! Never enter your username or password on unknown websites. When logging into Yandex, make sure the website address looks like this name.yandex.ru/section. You should see the / symbol after “yandex.ru”. Details on password phishing can be found in Help.


If you received a suspicious message that asks you to enter your Yandex or Yandex Money username and password or reactivate your account, please forward the message to us at phishing@support.yandex.ru. On the forwarding page, enable the Send " " as attachment option at the bottom.