1. Events
  2. Advertiser access
  3. Campaign industries

You can manage system settings on the Settings → System tab. These settings apply to the entire account.


In the Events section, you can manage the following settings:

Event 1 name: Assign a name to event 1 that will be displayed in campaign parameters for event restrictions.

Site owner's access to default code: Site owners' rights to view and edit the backup ad at the site placement level.

Advertisers and website owners are prohibited from changing the password to their account on their own: Allow or prohibit participants (advertisers and site owners) to reset the password to their account by themselves. But when the password expires, the participant can create a new password by themselves.

Advertiser access

Specify the default settings for advertisers' rights to access reports. Changes in these settings apply only to advertiser accounts that will be created in the future. The changes don't affect already existing accounts.

Campaign industries

When creating or editing a campaign, you specify the advertiser's industry (for example, telecommunications or automobiles). You can only specify an industry from the list that you can view at Settings → System → Campaign industries.

There's no need to change the ad tags preinstalled on sites.

There are two types of industries:
  • Basic: A system list of industries that can't be edited.
  • Custom: Added by the account administrator and used only in this account.

To add a custom industry, go to Settings → System → Campaign industries and click Add.

To edit a custom industry, click Settings next to its name, make the changes, and click Change.

To delete a custom industry, click the Delete icon next to the name of the industry that you want to delete.

Note. If you delete a custom industry, the parameter changes to <not selected> in all campaigns where this is the advertiser's industry. This means that the desynchronization of impressions by industry won't apply to those campaigns.

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