InStream ads

When you connect the “Ads in mobile apps” module, all the necessary banner types and templates are automatically added to the account.

InStream ads allow you to serve video ads that comply with VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) format.

Restriction. The mobile SDK doesn't support VPAID creatives.

Banner types and templates

You can see the available banner types on the Adfox → Settings → Banner types → Predefined → XML tab (labeled App):
  • Midroll (App).
  • Pauseroll (App).
  • Postroll (App).
  • Preroll (App).
Templates available for direct sales:
  • Linear-Ad (Pre/Mid/Post-Roll) VAST 2.0 Compatible.
  • Linear-Ad (Pre/Mid/Post-Roll) VAST 3.0.
  • Linear-Ad (Pre/Mid/Post-Roll) VAST 3.0 Viewability.
  • Linear-Ad (Pre / Mid / Post - Roll) VAST 4.0 Viewability.
  • Wrapper.

How to place InStream ads in the app

  1. Create a Yandex Advertising Network ad unit in the Adfox interface. To learn more about creating a unit, see the Yandex Advertising Network Help.
  2. In the Adfox interface, create a placement, go to the Monetization → Video advertisingtab, and link the unit that you created to it. To learn more about linking an ad unit, go to ADFOX Help.
  3. Connect ads via the Yandex Mobile Ads SDK (iOS | Android). To enable ads, pass the Yandex Advertising Network unit ID in the PAGE_ID parameter. If you specified a section of a video resource when creating a video unit, you also need to pass its ID in the CATEGORY_ID parameter.

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