Copy a banner

To copy a banner to an existing campaign, go to Campaigns → Banners and click Copy existing banners.

A search window appears. Enter the parameters of the campaign whose banners you want to copy. A copy banner window opens.

If you selected the Viewable impression, 2 seconds counting method for the campaign, only the banners added using templates with the [context] tag in the name can be copied into the campaign. The account administrator or assistant can check whether the tag is in the template name.

  1. Select the banners that you want to copy.
  2. Select the copy method:
    • Content: Only the content of the banner parameters is copied.
    • Content/placements: The banner parameters and placements are copied.
    • Content/placements/targeting: The banner parameters, placements, and targeting are copied.
    • Content/placements/targeting/restrictions: The banner parameters, placements, targeting, and restrictions are copied.
  3. Click Add to copy the selected banners to the campaign.

    You can only copy banners from one campaign at a time. To add banners from another campaign, you need to copy them again.

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