Events in banners

  1. What are events for?
  2. Set up events in custom template
  3. Flexible event accounting

What are events for?

Adfox can take into account the number of banner impressions and clicks and any other events related to the banner.

Examples of tasks that can be solved using events
  • You want to know how many people watched your video clip to the end or to the middle and how many people closed it immediately.
  • You want to enable some effects when you hover over the banner.

Targeting isn't taken into account for events. If you take an event link from a banner, the number of events is counted regardless of the targeting applied to the banner.

In the preset templates, all the necessary events are already specified. They're called automatically. You can view the event list in the technical format requirements. The “IMS”  templates also count events according to international media standards (provided that the account has at least one campaign with the method Impression (IMS), Viewable Impression (IMS), or Viewable impression, Yandex (IMS)).

Set up events in custom template

To set up events in a banner, you need to create a template for the desired banner type containing macros of the %event1% type.

The maximum number of events in the banner is 30.

Flexible event accounting

By default, the system counts all banner events. The statistics are displayed in tags and event reports.

Some banners may require protection against artificial boosting: for example, if the banner behaves incorrectly under certain conditions or if events are triggered intentionally.

Protection against artificial boosting is implemented at the banner template level in the following way:

  1. In the admin access, go to Settings → Banner types or enter a banner type in the search bar.

  2. Open the banner type and go to the Templates tab.

  3. Every event has a Session limit box. In this box, enter the maximum number of events that can be counted for a specific event of one banner (sent to the user's page) in 30 minutes.
Note. By default, the limit is disabled and all received events are counted.
For example, five No. 1 events came from the banner loaded to the page. In the template for this banner, the limit was set to 4. In this case, the fifth event over the set session limit is ignored. It isn't included in the counters and event reports.

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