Pixels of third-party systems

The advertiser can track the Adfox placement using links to the impression and click in another system.

  1. Click link
  2. Impression link
  3. Sample third-party system links

Click link

It is used to count the user's transitions and redirects to the advertiser's site. To start counting, paste the click link in the Transition URL field when adding a banner.

Impression link

To count banner impressions, a pixel link is used. In the banner parameters, paste the link in the Tracking pixel link field. Keep in mind that a link pasted this way is invoked when rendering a banner.

To invoke a pixel link when an impression becomes viewable (for example, if a campaign uses the Viewable impression, Yandex impression count method):

  1. In the banner settings, go to Events.
  2. Find the Viewable impressions, 2 seconds event.
  3. Paste the link in the Transition URL field.
Note. For sites with the HTTPS protocol, any inserted pixel links must support the HTTPS protocol. The click link can have any protocol.
A sample impression link for a site with the HTTPS protocol:

In most impression links of third-party systems, there is a parameter where you need to substitute a random number to reduce statistical discrepancies. A discrepancy of up to 15% is considered acceptable. For mobile devices, this value may be slightly higher.

Important. In Adfox, a random number is generated by the %system.random% macro. You need to replace the number already specified in the links with %system.random%.

Sample third-party system links

Here are examples of the most common third-party system links with macro substitution for randomization used when inserting a link in the Adfox banner:


Add %system.random% to the rnd variable.

Impression link


Click link


Add %system.random% to the ord variable. The click link remains unchanged.

Impression link


Click link


Add %system.random% to the ord variable.

Impression link


Click link


Replace [TIMESTAMP] with %system.random%:

Impression link


The click link is inserted without changes (it is not randomized).


Add %system.random% to the a.ra variable.

Impression link


Click link

Adfox as a third-party system

Add %system.random% to the pr variable.

Impression link


Click link


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