Tracking pixel

A tracking pixel (1 × 1 banner, pixel) is a transparent image, 1 × 1 in size, that loads with the measured banner. It's used for sending information about banner impressions to a third-party system.

  1. Initial setup for getting tracking pixels
  2. Create a tracking pixel in Adfox
  3. Get a link for measurement in third-party systems
  4. Requirements for installing Adfox links

Initial setup for getting tracking pixels

Step 1. Add a banner type
  1. Go to the tab Settings → Banner types and select Predefined → Nondimensional. A list of banner types opens.
  2. Enable the 1 × 1 banner type and click Change.
Step 2. Create placements
  1. Go to the Sites tab in the main menu, find the desired site, and click  Sections to the left of its name. Select a section and click  Placements to the left of its name.
  2. Add a placement for the 1 × 1 banner type.

Create a tracking pixel in Adfox

Step 1. Add a campaign

Add a campaign by following our instructions. You can't set any restrictions or targeting for a campaign and a 1 × 1 banner. All settings are configured for the banner with ad content.

We recommend using the Banner ad response impression count method in a campaign for a 1 × 1 banner. This way, you can get simple links to the impression and click. You cannot change the method after creating a campaign. Learn more about the impression count method

Step 2. Add a 1 × 1 banner
  1. Click Add, select the 1 × 1 banner type with the Nondimensional load type and the 1 × 1 template.
  2. In the Transition URL field, enter the link to the advertiser's site.
  3. In the Image field, specify a third-party impression counter.
  4. Fill in the Tracking pixel link field if you want the banner to be uploaded using a request from the ad tag.
    Attention. When simple links are used, tags specified in this parameter are not called.
  5. If you want to measure events, enable the Events enabled option in the banner parameters.

Requirements for installing Adfox links

When installing links in third-party systems, you need to randomize links. Every Adfox link has a pr parameter with the [RANDOM] value, instead of which you need to specify the randomization function (generating a random integer from 1 to 4294967295 inclusive).

For example:[RANDOM]

Let's add the %random% Adfox randomization function to the pr parameter:

When sending tracking pixels to, only use Link to get pixel and Click-through link.

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