Recommendation widget

By setting up automatic banner substitution in recommendation widget, you can:
  • Display your banners instead of recommendations on the selected positions.
  • Replace all Yandex Advertising Network ads with your own banners if they have a higher CPM.
Restriction. You can only set up a banner for a recommendation widget in campaigns of the Dynamic monetization type without external monetizers.

The substitute banner inherits the CSS styles of the Yandex Advertising Network recommendation widget that's linked to the banner's placement.

Statistics on recommendation widget that's available in the Partner Interface doesn't account for placements via Adfox. You can find statistics on banners placed via Adfox in the Reports section.

  1. Prepare for banner placement
  2. Place a banner
  3. Ad tag

Prepare for banner placement

  1. Create a placement with the Recommendation widget banner type.
    Note. The Recommendation widget banner type is available when you create a placement in site sections or a banner in campaigns of the Dynamic monetization type without external monetizers. This banner type isn't displayed in the list of predefined banner types in Settings.
  2. Above the placements list, click Link Yandex Advertising Network blocks to the placements or go to Monetization, the tab Recommendation widget / Native advertising → Public auction → Placement.
  3. In the Yandex Advertising Network block ID column, click and select the placement. The recommendation widget creation window opens.
    Note. You can't connect a previously created widget, so a new one is created at this step.
  4. Add a block. It's linked to the site placement after that, and you can create a substitute banner.
  5. Get the ad tag for a recommendation widget from the site or placement level and install it in a container on your site page.

Place a banner

Add a banner of the Recommendation widget and select the To replace the cell in the recommendation widget template.

Fill in the banner settings with the title, description, advertiser's domain, and other elements to be displayed in the widget. The widget design is set up in the Yandex Advertising Network partner interface.

The next step depends on your goal.

Note. In the current version, the number of campaigns with your banners mustn't be fewer than the number of ad positions in the recommendation widget block, and only one substitute banner is selected from each campaign.

Ad tag

Get the ad tag from the site or placement level after adding a banner for placement.

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