Banner requirements

Basic formats

Banner Image : A banner that displays an image with a link. Convenient for adaptive websites.

Banner HTML5 : A banner that displays arbitrary HTML content or an image. The banner is placed in an iframe and has limited access to the site content.

With code forwarding , you can install arbitrary HTML code in the banner container.

Adfox code forwarding : Lets you add the Adfox ad tag to the banner.


Background HTML5 : A banner that allows you to replace the site background with an HTML creative or image.

App Mobile

HTML App Mobile Banner : Displays HTML-creative in mobile apps.

App Native Slider : A banner you can use to show the banner slider in mobile apps.

Image App Mobile : A banner that displays an image with a link in mobile apps.


Ads in the video player : Video ads that are served according to the VAST standard.

Banner Video : A video banner with a video file or link to Wrapper XML.

Video VPAID VAST 3.0 Viewability : A video ad format for players that support the VAST 3.0 standard.

InPage video : A video ad format on websites in the middle of the main content.

Screenglide, expandable, fullscreen

Screenglide HTML5 : An interactive HTML5 banner.

Banner Interscroller HTML5 : An interactive banner that displays content with a parallax effect.

BannerLine HTML5 : A stretching banner in the form of an HTML5 creative or image.

Banner Slider : A banner that displays an event slider with multiple slides.

Fullscreen HTML5 : Displays any HTML content or image in the format of a fullscreen banner.