1. Banner/campaign aiming
  2. Aiming features

You can use aiming to see a banner added to Adfox on the website regardless of your restrictions and targeting. This is useful when you test a banner placement on a website, take screenshots, or debug the banner code.

Aiming is available to the account administrator and assistants. To enable aiming, contact support.

You can aim at:

  • A campaign (on the OLD tab).
  • A flight in a supercampaign.
  • A banner.

Banner/campaign aiming

  1. Select the object to aim at from the list and click .
  2. Select an action:

    • Aim: The object is displayed in the user's current browser for 15 minutes.
    • Copy link: Copy the link by clicking the button or from the text box. You can call the link in the browser's address bar for 24 hours or send it to another user who needs to aim at the object. The number of link calls isn't limited. Aiming by the link is valid for 15 minutes.
  3. After calling the aiming link, you will see the OK message in the browser window. Go to the website where the banner must be displayed.

Aiming features

Enable aiming
  • You can't target multiple campaigns or banners from different campaigns. The last object aiming is valid.
  • Aiming is not possible in mobile phone browsers where cookies are prohibited. We recommend that you check the display of the aimed banner in the emulator on the computer.
  • You can aim at objects with the active status, including objects with a start date in the future and any targeting and restriction at any level.
  • The necessary object is shown only with its ad tags. If multiple banners of the necessary campaign can be returned using the same code, the banners are displayed at random.
Statistics (ad responses, impressions, clicks, events) for the aimed object aren't included in reports.
Complete aiming
  • You can't disable aiming forcibly: the aiming time must expire.
  • When the aiming time ends for the user that's aimed at the object, running continues as usual: targeting and restrictions apply, and statistics continue to be calculated.
Note. For all other users (not aimed at the object), banner running continues as usual.

Contact support