Copy campaigns

Let's say you work with the same advertisers every month. Every month, you have to create very similar campaigns with an almost identical set of banners, targetings, and other settings. For such cases, Adfox has the copy option. You can copy campaigns as well as banners from existing campaigns to new ones.

Open the Campaigns tab and click Copy existing campaign.

Specify the search parameters to find a campaign to be copied.

Next, select the campaign from the list and click Add. A new campaign will be created based on the selected one with the same general settings, placements, restrictions, and targeting settings.

Note. You can't copy external monetizers' campaigns.

The current date is set as the start date by default. The end date is reset for the campaign and all its banners (except for campaigns with the spread traffic evenly throughout the entire period or spread evenly throughout the entire period with automatic prolongation ad running speed: you have to specify the end date for such campaigns in the copy form).

All the campaign banners with their settings, except for end dates, are copied. Statistics aren't copied.

Enter a new campaign name and specify the status that you want to add it in.

  1. If you copy a campaign with the spread evenly throughout the entire period or spread traffic evenly by general limit (automatic prolongation) impression running speed, you must specify the campaign end date as well as its name and status.
  2. If you copy a campaign with the as fasr as possible or spread traffic evenly by day limit impression running speed, specify only the new campaign name and select a status.

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