Sequential impressions

  1. Set up a sequence for a campaign
  2. Set up a sequence for campaign banners

You can use sequential impressions to show a campaign's banners in a certain sequence. Note that these must be banners of the same type placed on the same placement.

The sequence period is set at the campaign level:

  • Show the sequence to the user only once.
  • Repeat the sequence in a cycle.
  • Repeat the sequence after a certain period of time.

At the banner level, you can set the banner number in the sequence and the number of its impressions.

Set up a sequence for a campaign

The sequence period and its validity period are set at the campaign level:

  1. Open the Campaigns → Settings tab or open the Settings tab in the campaign via the search bar.
  2. In the Banner impression sequence parameter, select the sequence type:
    • <weight rotation>: Banners are displayed in order of priority.
    • <sequential>: In this case, you must specify the sequence validity period for the campaign and the sequence numbers for banners in the Scenario periodbox:
      • <one-time sequence>: The sequence is shown to the user only once during the entire campaign period.
      • <looping sequence>: The scenario is repeated cyclically from the beginning to the end for the entire duration of the campaign.
      • Set the time period, for example, <1 hour>, so that no more than one sequence is run per hour. The hours are counted absolutely, from the beginning of the hour, rather than from the end or beginning of the sequence.

Set up a sequence for campaign banners

  1. Go to the Banners tab.
  2. In the Priority box, specify the number of the banner in the sequence.
  3. In the Impressions box, specify the number of banner impressions to complete before switching to the next banner.

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