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  3. Solving issues yourself

Contact support

The support service is available 24/7.

Support requests are processed in the order they are received. Response time depends on the overall support workload. Answers to frequently asked questions may be given as links to the relevant Adfox Help page.


Adfox support doesn't answer questions about:

  • Working on the internet.
  • Programming.
  • Web design.
  • Editing third-party scripts and programs.

Adfox support doesn't:

  • Create or edit banners for clients.
  • Set up campaigns and banners.
  • Install ad tags on sites.

Solving issues yourself

Statistics on the campaign are missing. The campaign won't run.

Make sure that:

  • The campaign has the active status.

  • The campaign has a banner with the active status.

  • The start date and time of the campaign (banner display) are in the past.

  • The page has an ad tag from the campaign's placement.

If this is all correct, check whether placement is enabled for banners:

  1. Go to the Placements tab of the banner.
  2. Make sure that the banner placements are enabled.

If Sites not found is displayed on the banner's Placements tab, go to the campaign's Placement tab. Make sure that the site pages where banners should be placed are enabled.

There is no placement with this banner type on this site.

Add a placement with the banner type you used to add the banner earlier. Go back to the banner's Placements tab and enable the new placement.

In the future, if a placement with this banner type already exists, placement on it will be automatically enabled when adding a new banner.

If the placements are enabled on the banner's Placements tab but there are still no impressions, make sure the ad tag is taken from the site level.

If the ad tag is taken from the site level, check whether the referer templates are configured correctly.

Other reasons why an active campaign may not enter rotation
  1. The limits set for the campaign have been reached, such as the limit of the number of impressions per day, per hour, or in total. You can check this in the reports by day or by time of day.

  2. Impressions go to a higher-priority campaign whose banners are placed on the same placements.

  3. Targeting is configured incorrectly: for example, all days of the week may be prohibited for display. The highest priority targeting is for a specific banner. Targeting works by the “and” principle, which means all the conditions must be met to display the banner.

    You can view the targeting settings on the Campaigns tab: click  Targeting next to the name of the campaign and check its parameters.

  4. On the campaign's Placement tab, the ad running period at the site, section, or placement level contradicts the campaign and banner settings, or limits are set.

Make sure that the banner is displayed correctly before uploading it to Adfox.

Check the HTML creative: unzip the archive on your computer and open the .html file. If the banner is displayed incorrectly, fix it according to the requirements.

If it's a third-party ad tag, make sure it works. Check the ad tag in any test environment before uploading the banner to Adfox. If it doesn't work, contact support of the system that provided it.

It's important that you use randomized links for installing in third-party systems.

Every Adfox link has the pr parameter with the [RANDOM] value, to which you need to add the randomization function (generating a random integer from 1 to 4294967295 inclusive).

Make sure a random number is generated when calling the Adfox pixel. It should be different for each pixel request.

If the Adfox pixel is randomized, but there is still a discrepancy, contact support. In the request form, please specify:

  • Banner IDs.
  • Indicators where the discrepancies are (impressions or clicks).
  • Logs of the third-party system that provided the pixels.

If the pixel is not randomized, discrepancies may reach 30%.

Targeting works incorrectly. Possible reasons:

  1. Non-compliance with the impression frequency when frequency targeting is configured.

    Make sure that targeting settings aren't redefined at the placement or banner level. Learn more about targeting levels.

    Click  Targeting next to the name of the campaign and go to the Summary tab. Choose Targeting and make sure that frequency isn't redefined at the placement (site, section, or placement) or campaign banner level.

  2. Non-compliance with the impression frequency when frequency targeting is configured for a campaign that has the XML video banner type, taking into account impressions by event.

If this didn't solve your issue, contact support.