Ad label and banner menu in Adfox banners

With Adfox, you can add the “Ad” or “Social ad” label to your banner, as well as information about the advertiser. It will look like a menu with a preset design. It's mandatory to use the label and indicate the advertiser and (or) their site if your ads are to be served in Russia.

The banner menu also displays a token assigned to your banner by the Yandex advertising data operator or a third-party token specified in the banner parameters. You can use this token to mark non-clickable banners.

The display of the label and banner menu is available:

  • For ads on websites: in all preset templates labeled context.js and in custom templates based on code forwarding.
  • For ads in mobile apps: when using Yandex Mobile Ads SDK.
    Note. For ads in apps, the banner menu display feature is currently under development.
  • For ads in the video player: if you use the Yandex Video Ads SDK library or support the extension tag in your own video player.
How to add the label and banner menu:
  1. Under Advertising label settings:
    • In the Ad label list, select “Ad” or “Social ad”, and the label will be added to the banner. If the creative's design already includes the label, you can keep “Disabled” in the drop-down list.
    • In the Domain field, specify the advertiser domain, and it will be added to the label: "Advertising" | or "Social advertising" | (only if you select “Advertising” or “Social advertising” in the drop-down list).
  2. To add a token to a non-clickable banner, enable the Show banner menu option in the banner settings. When the banner is served, the menu icon  will be displayed in the upper right corner of it. When a user clicks this icon, the advertiser information and the copy token button appear (if ad register is enabled for the banner and a third-party token is specified).

    • The banner menu displays the advertiser information that you specified in the campaign (or flight) settings. If the text is too long, it may be cropped and partially replaced with an ellipsis. A user can view and copy all the information by triple-clicking it.
    • If the banner is marked through the Yandex advertising data operator (the Submit data to state register option is selected), the token is assigned to the banner automatically after saving it.
    • If the banner is already assigned a token by a third-party advertising data operator, specify it in the banner parameters.
      How to specify a third-party token in the banner parameters
      1. In the Submission to ad register field, select Do not submit data to state register.
      2. Under Advertising label settings, in the Third-party token field, enter the value of the token from a third-party advertising data operator. The third-party token will only be displayed in the banner menu.
    Note. If a banner is non-clickable (the Transition URL field is not filled in) and it is to be added to the ad register, be sure to show the banner menu. This is the only way to make the token available when serving the banner.
  3. Save the banner.

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