Labeling self-promotion

In Adfox, you can label ads of your own products and services and send data to the state register. If self-promotion is subject to labeling according to the law “On Advertising”, you must submit the ad data to the state register (even if you don't earn money from these ads).

You don't have to label ads distributed by advertisers, ad distributors, and ad system operators that send ad materials to email addresses or specific mailing lists.

  1. How to register a creative
  2. How to submit an ad labeling report

How to register a creative

“Self-promotion” creative content is assigned tokens similar to regular ones.

Register your creative in Adfox following the instructions:

  1. Create contractors (participants of the advertising chain).

    To label your own ads, you need to add a contractor with your data: open Marking → Counterparties, click Create, enter your details, and enable Has a self-promotion contract. The contractor can have any role. We recommend Customer and provider.

    If you previously added a contractor with your data, find and select it from the list in the Marking → Counterparties tab. In the window that opens, select Has a self-promotion contract and save the changes.

    That automatically creates a contract named “Self-promotion” that indicates the contractor name. The contract isn't displayed in the list of contracts, and you can't edit it. You don't need to manually add the contract.

    A contractor may have different types of contracts. A self-promotion contract doesn't prohibit adding other contracts with this contractor.

  2. Add the labeling data to your site structure in Adfox.

  3. Enter labeling data to the campaign. When filling in the Agreement between the Advertiser and the Performer field, choose the contract named “Self-promotion”.

  4. Add information about the creative to the banner.

How to submit an ad labeling report

Adfox generates monthly invoices with self-promotion statistics. To submit a report, go to the Marking → Invoices tab, open a Self-promotion invoice, and click Submit.

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