Labeling of social ads

In Adfox, you can label social ads and send data to the state register.

  1. How to register a creative
  2. How to submit an ad labeling report

How to register a creative

Register your creative in Adfox following the instructions:

  1. Create contractors (participants of the advertising chain).
  2. Enter information about the contract with the end advertiser. When creating a contract, select Social ads contract.
  3. Add the labeling data to your site structure in Adfox.
  4. Enter labeling data to the campaign.
  5. Add information about the creative to the banner.

    If necessary, add the Social ad label and a banner menu. Under Advertising label settings:

    • From the Ad label list, choose “Social ad” to ad a label to the banner. If the creative content design already contains a label, you can keep “Disable” in the drop-down list.
      Note. Adding the Social ad label doesn't automatically define the creative as social advertising. To label your creative as a social ad in the state register, enable the Social ads contract option in the relevant contract with the end advertiser.
    • In the Domain field, specify the advertiser's domain, and it will be added to the label: “Social ad” | (only if “Social ad” is selected from the drop-down list).

    To add a token to a non-clickable banner, enable the Show banner menu option in the banner settings. When the banner is served, the menu icon  will be displayed in its upper-right corner. When a user clicks the icon, the advertiser's details and the copy token button appear (if ad register is enabled for the banner or a third-party token is specified).

    To learn more about the label and the banner menu, see Ad label and banner menu in Adfox banners.

How to submit an ad labeling report

At the end of the reporting period, submit an invoice via Adfox. If the certificate doesn't have an amount, leave the The amount of the act field empty.

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