Labeling ads without Adfox impressions

You can label ads that have no Adfox impression statistics and send the data to the state register. Such labeling is suitable for:

  • Telegram ads.
  • In-article ads.
  • Outdoor screen ads.
  • Native integrations (such as videos or blogger ads).
  1. How to register a creative
  2. How to ad labeling data to an article or post
  3. How to submit an ad labeling report

How to register a creative

Register your creative in Adfox following the instructions:

  1. Create contractors (participants of the advertising chain).
  2. Enter information about the contract with the end advertiser.
  3. Add the labeling data to your site structure in Adfox. When creating a site, select site in the Placement type field and specify a link to your resource in the Site URL field:

    • Telegram channel.
    • Site where the article is published.
    • Channel on a video hosting service.
  4. Enter labeling data to the campaign. The ad campaign should be active, even if it has no Adfox impression statistics.
  5. Add information about the creative to the banner. When creating a banner for ads without Adfox impression statistics, select 1 × 1 as a banner type. If possible, integrate the tracking pixel code into the site to count impressions.

    Under Ad register and Marking: creative data, fill in the fields:

    • Target URL: Link to the page with the product or service you are advertising.
    • Creative file link: Link to a screenshot of the creative.
    • Creative text data: Text on the screenshot of the creative.
    • Creative image description: Description of the screenshot from the Creative file link field.

How to ad labeling data to an article or post

To label an article or post, manually add this data:

  1. Ad label: The label should be noticeable and easily readable. If the ad has an age restriction, make sure to add it as well.
  2. Advertiser information: Copy the data from the Advertiser information field in the advertising campaign's Banner menu settings section.
  3. Token: Copy the token from the banner parameters.

The data you add should be copyable on the page of the article or post.

Labeling example

“Romashka” LLC, INN 1234567, ID #a-456789


How to submit an ad labeling report

At the end of the reporting period, submit an invoice via Adfox. In the list of advertising campaigns, in the Impressions by act field, enter the planned impressions from the customer's invoice or data on impressions from an external tag.

Note. For campaigns running over three months, you can transmit data by yourself or enable the automated statistics submission.

Once you submit the invoice, it is sent to the state register. If the state register verifies your report, its status changes to Sent to ERIR in the Adfox interface.

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