Connecting via Adfox HB

To the monetizer

Account setup

  1. To become an Adfox HB monetizer, contact support.
  2. Add a website, section, or placement that the publisher will access via Header Bidding.

  3. Determine the type of banner and templates that you'll connect the publisher to. If there is no banner type with templates, add it by following these instructions.

  4. Place a campaign and banners that will be displayed on the publisher's side in the created placement.

    Learn more about creating campaigns and adding banners.

  5. Set the total CPM for the campaign.

    You can also set a separate CPM for specific placements. To enable this feature, contact Adfox support.

    1. On the Campaigns tab, find the campaign with the CPM that you want to configure. Specify the CPM for this campaign in the corresponding column.
    2. To set the CPM for a flight, click  Parameters, which is to the left of the campaign name. That will open a tab with the parameters for the campaign.
    3. Go to the Flights tab. A list of flights within the campaign opens.
    4. Set the CPM for the desired flight in the corresponding column.
  6. Get the ad tag of the placement and send it to the publisher.

To the publisher

Checking integration

To check that Header Bidding is configured correctly on the publisher's side, you can do the following:

  1. Make sure that the correct parameters are specified in the Header Bidding settings:

    • In the browser console on the publisher's site, run the following command:
      The Header Bidding settings object will be displayed in the console.
    • For the code (container ID on the page) parameter there, find the adUnit that should contain the IDs for calling the monitizer placement.
    • Make sure that:

      • The monetizer's login in the bidder parameter is correct: adfox_%bidder-login%.
      • The IDs in the params parameter match the IDs the monetizer passed to the publisher.

    For example:

  2. Make sure that there are no errors in the request and the creative comes with a bid:

    • Run the following browser console command:
    • Make sure that a creative with a bid is received for the login and the container from Step 1.

    For example:

  3. Check the number of containerId.
    Restriction. You can specify no more than ten containerId per monetizer.

Enable custom targeting via Adfox HB

If a monetizer account that uses Adfox HB has custom targeting set up, you need to add the puidN parameters and targeting values to the ad tag, where N is the characteristic number from 1 to 63. The puid parameters are added to the params object in name: value format, where:

  • name is the parameter name (puidN).
  • value is the parameter value.
Example of a configuration script with a monetizer that uses Adfox HB and the added puid parameters
window.YaHeaderBiddingSettings = {
  biddersMap: { 'adfox_example': '957356' },
  adUnits: [{
    code: 'adfox_154875622348837699',
    bids: [{
      bidder: 'adfox_example',
      params: {
        pp: 'g',
        ps: 'cqmv',
        p2: 'fqnq',
        puid1: 'woman',
        puid2: '16:17:18:19',
        puid3: 'green'
  timeout: 500

Viewing statistics

You can control your campaigns using the following reports:

Contact support