Header Bidding

  1. How it works
  2. Available monetizers
  3. Adfox HB monetizer

Header Bidding is a programmatic technology that you can use to survey multiple demand-side platforms when a user loads a website page and select the offer with the highest bid.

Attention. The site owner must sign a separate contract for bidding using Header Bidding technology with each buyer who doesn't belong to Yandex or Adfox. The buyer is responsible for low-quality ads selected using Header Bidding.

How it works

  1. When the user loads a website page, a special Header_bidding.js code simultaneously sends requests to all connected buyers, which bid for impressions under the same terms and conditions.
  2. All buyer bids are received by the Adfox server with the ad request and are compared with the CPM of other Dynamic monetization campaigns (if there are any in the site owner's account). The campaign with the maximum bid is selected.
  3. The campaign with the maximum bid is reweighted with the Yandex Advertising Network to choose the winner:

    1. If the Yandex Advertising Network bid is higher, it wins and can serve its ads.
    2. If the Yandex Advertising Network can't offer a higher bid or refuses to bid, the campaign with the highest bid wins and can serve its banner.
Advantages of using Header Bidding for publishers:
  • A convenient way to connect external monetizers.
  • Higher efficiency by including bids from external monetizers under Dynamic monetization.
  • Lower traffic losses under the classical “waterfalls” model.
  • Faster ad rendering by excluding unnecessary links from the “waterfall”.

Demo pages

Use the links below to view examples of banners where Header Bidding is used.

InPage video

In-Stream video

Available monetizers

Monetizers that can be connected to Adfox ad units using Header Bidding.

Monetizer Available formats Monetizer site
Criteo banner, combo www.criteo.com
Soloway banner, InPage, In-Stream, combo www.soloway.ru
HPMD (Happy Monday) banner, InPage, In-Stream www.hpmd.ru
Buzzoola banner, InPage, combo www.buzzoola.com
MyTarget banner, combo target.my.com
Between Digital banner, InPage, In-Stream, combo betweendigital.com
All in One Media banner aio.media
GetIntent banner getintent.com
Tinkoff banner tinkoff.ru
Videonow banner, InPage, combo videonow.ru
Relap banner relap.io
Pladform banner distribution.pladform.ru
AlfaDart banner alfadart.com
Fotostrana banner fotostrana.ru
Hybrid banner, combo hybrid.ai
Mgid banner mgid.com
DGT SSP banner www.digitas.com
ADSPEND banner, InPage adspend.ru
MediaToday banner, InPage mediatoday.ru
Redllama banner, InPage redllama.ru
Qvant DSP banner, InPage qvant.ru
Adtelligent banner, InPage adtelligent.com
OTM banner, InPage, In-Stream otm-r.com
Segmento banner, InPage, In-Stream, combo segmento.ru
Bidvol banner, In-Stream, combo bidvol.com
Sape banner, In-Stream, combo rtb.sape.ru
Astralab banner, combo astralab.ai
AdMixer banner, combo admixer.com
Gnezdo banner gnezdo.online
MTS banner, In-Stream, combo marketolog.mts.ru
Media Instinct Group banner, combo mediainstinctgroup.ru
Kadam banner kadam.net
MediaSniper banner, combo mediasniper.ru
Adwile banner partner.adwile.com
Solta banner, InPage, In-Stream, combo solta.io
СlicksCloud banner clickscloud.net
NetBanners banner netbanners.org
Digital Alliance (via Adfox HB) banner, In-Stream, combo alliance.digital
Adtech Digital (via Adfox HB) banner, InPage, In-Stream, combo adtech-digital.ru
AdSmart, Interpool (via Adfox HB) banner, combo inpool.ru
WiseUP (via Adfox HB) banner, combo wiseupmedia.ru
Digital Sail (via Adfox HB) banner, combo dsail.by
Bestseller (via Adfox HB) banner, combo bseller.ru
Roden Media (via Adfox HB) banner, In-Stream, combo roden-media.ru
Digital Caramel (via Adfox HB) banner, combo digitalcaramel.com

Adfox HB monetizer

Using Header Bidding technology, an Adfox client who is a site owner can connect to another Adfox client: an impression buyer. To do this, the client who is the buyer must become an Adfox HB monetizer. This scheme eliminates code forwarding between accounts as well as adding placeholders and passback tags.

To become an Adfox HB monetizer, contact support.

Contact support