Checking settings and reports

A tool for checking buyer bids

In several cases, bid requests can be sent to buyers multiple times:

  • When loading the page: requests are sent to all buyers specified in the configuration script.
  • When reloading a placement: using the reload() method, the buyers that are only related to the reloaded ad are polled again.
  • When calling the pushAdUnits()method: the request is only sent to the buyers specified in it.

To get bids from the latest buyer polling, use the getLastBidsReceived method:


The response contains an array filled with Bid objects for each "placement + buyer" pair. An object may only contain one of the following fields:

  • banner: If the buyer responds with a regular banner.
  • native: If the buyer responds with a native banner.
  • error: If an error occurs.
Example of a method call in the browser console
interface Bid {
    adapterName: string; // buyer name
    containerId: string; // container ID     
    campaignId: number; // campaign ID in Adfox     
    requestDuration: number; // request duration     
    cost?: {
        currency: string; // currency "RUB"/"USD"
        cpm: number; // CPM rate returned by the server 
    banner?: {
        src: string; // banner contents     
    size?: {
        width: number; // width in px
        height: number; // height in px
    error?: {
        code: number; // error code         
        message: string; // error name     
    native?: {
        nativePayload: any; // object with contents for a native banner impression     
Error codes:
Error code Value
0 Unknown error.
1 No bid or response.
2 Incorrect response.
3 Timeout.
4 HTTP error.
5 Incorrect user data in the configuration script.
6 Incorrect bidder settings.
7 The container ID received from the bidder differs from the ID specified in the request.
8 A correct response with no status is received from the bidder.
9 The bidder's response is missing or has an incorrect CodeType.

Reports by Header Bidding

If monetizers are enabled for your account, reports by Header Bidding are available to you at the site and account levels. To learn more about reports, see Monetization reports.

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