Reports by Header Bidding

If monetizers are enabled for your account, reports by Header Bidding are available to you.

The general Header Bidding report for monetizers is a graph and table with data for the selected period broken down by every monetizer:

Parameter Description
Requests The number of requests sent to a specific Header Bidding monetizer.
Bids The number of all monetizer bids received in response to the request.
Rejections The number of rejections to participate in an auction.
Wins The number of winning monetizer bids in an auction.
BidRate The ratio of the number of bids received to the number of requests.
WinRate The ratio of the number of wins to the number of bids.
Average bid, RUB/thousand impressions The ratio of the average bid to 1000 impressions. We recommend that you consider this parameter and eCPM together.
Amount of winning bids, RUB The total amount of all winning bets. A deviation of up to 5% from the amount in the monetizer interface is allowed.
eCPM, RUB Bid for 1000 impressions.

The data in the report is for reference purposes. You can check the Header Bidding monetizer accounts to see the exact remuneration amount for the selected period.

You can also generate a report on monetizers broken down by sites.

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