Setting up an Adfox account for monetization with Header Bidding

Attention. Before setting up Header Bidding, make sure that:
  • Each monetizer to be connected has a separate contract for bidding using Header Bidding technology.
  • An ad unit is created in the monetizer's personal account.

To monetize with Header Bidding, first configure banner types and templates, determine placements, and add campaigns and banners. Make sure that a link to the monetizer is traced for the template and campaign. Read the detailed instructions below.

Step 1. Configuring banner types and templates

  1. Determine the types of banners to place monetizers on. If necessary, create new banner types.
  2. Add templates for Header Bidding external monetizers to the banner types:

    1. Go to Settings → Banner types → Custom → Nondimensional and click  next to the banner type you need.
    2. Click Use preset and add templates for monetizers, which are named as follows:
      Header Bidding {monetizer name} [context]

      For monetizers working via Adfox HB, select the Header Bidding Adfox [context] template.

      For monetizers working via Prebid Header Bidding, select the Header Bidding for Prebid [context] template.

Step 2. Configuring placements, campaigns, and banners

  1. Decide on the placements for monetizers. If necessary, create new ones.
  2. Add one campaign per monetizer:
    • Fill in the Name and Advertiser fields as you wish.
    • Select a monetizer in the External monetizer parameter.
    • For monetizers working via Adfox HB, enter the ID of the monetizer's account in Adfox (ownerId). You can find it out from the monetizer or in the monetizer's ad tag.

      Example of ownerId in the ad tag
      Note. The CPM is set in the monetizer's account. If your account is an Adfox HB monetizer, you can set separate CPMs for flights and placements within your campaign. To learn more, contact the Adfox support service.
  3. After the campaign is added, the Placement tab opens. Select the site, section, or placement where you want to place the campaign and click Save.
  4. Open the campaign settings, go to the Banners tab, and select the banner type you need. The list will only contain banner types with templates for the monetizer in the campaign parameters. If you can't see the banner type in the list, make sure the template for the monetizer was added to it. You only need to add one banner per banner type.

  5. Select the template you need on the Banner contents tab.
  6. In the window with banner parameters, specify its name and click Add.

After setting up your account, place the script on the site.

Contact support