Unrepeatable banners and campaigns

  1. Unrepeatable banners
  2. Unrepeatable campaigns

You can use unrepeatable campaigns to specify the placement code type. The system will use it to select and display different banners from the placement in response to multiple ad requests from the same page.

For example, this is what the placement of three ad tags from one placement with the “unrepeatable banners” type looks like.


  1. Specify the placement code type as unrepeatable banners or unrepeatable campaigns. You can edit the placement code type any time.
  2. Get as many ad tags for the placement as the number of unrepeatable ad placements that you want on the site page, specifying the required number in the Number of unrepeatable placements parameter.

When the site page loads, banner requests are sent to the ad server.

When the placement receives requests with the unrepeatable banners or unrepeatable campaigns type, the system selects a unique banner for each request. The selection logic for each code type is described below.

Unrepeatable banners

In one page load, banners are displayed in random order without repetitions. Banners can be selected from one campaign or from different ones.

Unrepeatable campaigns

Only one banner from one campaign can be displayed per page load.

If there are more ad tags than the number of campaigns placed on the placement, the system displays as many banners as there are campaigns.

For example, four campaigns are placed on the placement, each has several banners, and five ad tags are installed on the page. In this case, one banner from each campaign is shown for the first four ad tags, and a placeholder is sent in response to the fifth code.

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