Reports on audience indicators

Reports on audience indicators are available at the account and campaign levels. You can use these reports to track changes in audience size. The number of visitors is calculated by the number of unique browsers in which the ad was viewed. Cumulative reports show cumulative statistics, and daily reports show statistics for the day.

A ready-made cumulative report on audience indicators consists of several graphs and a table.

In the graph, you can see:

  • How the number of ad requests changed in the entire reporting period. Unique requests are displayed separately.
  • How the number of clicks changed cumulatively for the entire reporting period. Unique clicks are highlighted (coverage on the date).
  • Increase in requests per day.
  • Increase in clicks per day.
  • Load frequency changes.

The table covers this data and CTR data.

The daily report on audience indicators contains data for each day of the specified period: the number of ad requests, the number of unique ad requests, the total number of unique clicks, and the load frequency.

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