Reports based on Yandex Metrica data

Yandex Metrica is a tool that you can use to comprehensively evaluate how effective your site ads are. Yandex Metrica tags record various events, for example, Adfox ad requests, site visitors' clicks, and renders. By analyzing report indicators, you can assess how well banners are placed on your site. The indicators also let you identify the most profitable traffic sources. All this can help you choose the optimal banner placement and manage the site monetization revenue.

Yandex Metrica provides a group of reports:

  • Inventory: Total revenue by sites, sections, and formats.
  • Impressions: Revenue, impressions, and visitors broken down by monetization type.
  • Sources: Analysis of the site traffic source.
  • Pages with ad events: Identification of the most profitable site section for advertising.
  • Header Bidding: Statistics on monetizers participating in the auction.
  • Geography: Determines the region that brings the greatest revenue. The report only works if you set up geotargeting in the campaign.
Note. The data in Yandex Metrica reports may slightly differ from similar data in Adfox statistics. This is because ad blocks in an iFrame may not be counted in Yandex Metrica.
How to enable reports

You can enable reports based on Yandex Metrica data in the Adfox interface. Open the Settings → System → Yandex Metrica tags tab and specify the number of the tag installed on your site. If you installed multiple tags, list their numbers separated by commas. You can list no more than 100 tags.

The reports appear in the Yandex Metrica interface within a day of being enabled. Reports only take into account the data accumulated after tags were enabled in the Adfox interface.

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