Monetization reports

Monetization reports are available at the account and campaign levels.

You can see the monetization report descriptions below.

Google monetization
Google monetization report.
Header Bidding by monetizer

Header Bidding is a programmatic technology that you can use to directly survey multiple connected DSP platforms when a user loads a site page and select an offer with the maximum bid.

The general Header Bidding report for monetizers is a graph and table with data for the selected period broken down by every monetizer:

  • Requests: The amount of inventory that went to a specific Header Bidding monetizer.
  • Bids: The monetizer decided to take part in the auction for the impression and sent a bid.
  • Rejections: The monetizer didn't send a bid.
  • Wins: The monetizer sent a bid, it was negotiated with all the auction participants (direct sales in the form of a “Guarantee” level campaign) and other monetizers and won.
  • BidRate: The ratio of the number of bids to requests. It shows the percentage of successful requests to the monetizer.
  • WinRate: The ratio of the number of wins to bets. It shows the share of winning responses.
  • Average bid, RUB/thousand impressions: The ratio of the total bet amount to the number of bets. We recommend that you consider this parameter together with the eCPM value.
  • Amount of winning bids, RUB: Adfox treats all bids from Header Bidding partners as a bid for a render (eCPM). The Adfox auction is also held in eCPM. The monetizer whose bid won the auction is considered to win, and a banner is rendered for them. Header Bidding monetizers may have different impression count methods in their systems (for example, by renders or viewable impressions). Because of this, there may be discrepancies between Adfox and monetizer reports. We consider a discrepancy below 5% to be acceptable.
  • eCPM, RUB: Calculated using the eCPM = CPMV * Viability formula.

The data in the report is for reference purposes. You can find out exactly how much money you receive to the account in the Header Bidding accounts of monetizers.

Header Bidding by monetizer (site/section/placement)
Formed in the same way as the Header Bidding report for monetizers, but contains data broken down by sites, sections, and placements.

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