Create a new report

Users of the administrator and assistant types can edit available reports or create their own.

Note. To give the assistant access to creating and editing reports, enable the Access to creating and editing reports option in their account settings and click Change.
  1. Create a report
  2. Save a report
  3. Sample reports

Create a report

To create a report, go to the Reports tab in the main menu or the campaign menu.

  1. Click + New in the list of reports or select an available report that you want to change.
  2. Open the calendar in the upper-right corner of the screen. Set the necessary time period and, if necessary, the comparison period. Click Apply.
  3. Configure filters, groups, and metrics.

    If you create a report based on the available reports, the main parameters are already set. You can add new parameters, delete the selected ones, or change the group and metric order.

    If you create a new report, you need to set all the parameters yourself.

    Define the data range to build the report for. You can filter by specific campaigns, sites, placements, and other parameters.

    To add a filter, click + Filter, select the necessary one from the list, and specify a value (for example, the placement ID). To quickly find a filter, use subcategories or start typing the parameter name in the search bar.

    Determine the parameters that the report data is grouped by.

    To add a group parameter, click + Groups and select the parameter from the list. For example, to find out how much revenue each site section brings, add a Section name group.

    Note. We recommend that you don't add too many group parameters, because the system might fail to build the graph.
    Statistical indicators that you want to check for the selected data range.

    To add a metric, click + Metrics and select the necessary one from the list. You can find out the meaning of the main metrics in the Glossary.

    Note. Metrics for external monetizers are calculated based on Adfox statistics. Because of this, indicators in the monetizers' reports may differ.
  4. Click Run in the upper-right corner of the screen. A data chart and table are displayed below on the page.

Save a report

To save the report parameters, use the following functions:

  • Save: Save the report on the Saved tab in the list on the left.
  • : To save the report on your computer in XLSX or CSV format.
  • : To copy a link to the report (the report will only be available to authorized Adfox users).

Sample reports

Traffic analysis by campaign

To build a report, select the Campaign name group and the Total ad requests and Revenue metrics.

Evaluate how requests are distributed among campaigns and how much revenue each of them brings. Based on this data, you can evaluate how effective each campaign is. For example, if fewer requests generate more revenue, this is a profitable campaign.

Site performance analysis

You can use the report data to identify traffic losses at each impression stage.

To build a report, select the Site name group and the following metrics:
  • Total ad requests.
  • Banner ad responses.
  • Impressions.
  • Renders.
  • Rejections.
  • Total ad requests without rejections.
  • Unfilled ad responses.

The number of banner impressions and responses may differ because of the campaign visibility settings. If there are a lot of unfilled ad responses, change your campaign settings: more restrictions cause fewer impressions.

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