Yandex Audience segments

  1. Custom segments
  2. Public segments
  3. DMP private segments
  4. Set up targeting in Adfox
  5. Reports

With targeting by Yandex Audience segments, you use your own data about users on your platforms as well as data from Crypta and other providers (DMP — data management platforms) to set up campaigns.

Custom segments

With Yandex Audience, you can create segments based on custom data that you upload (email addresses, mobile phone numbers, or mobile device IDs).

You can create and use segments from custom data and segments of similar users (look-alike technology) free of charge.

Restriction. Segments based on geolocation data cannot be used in targeting.

To learn more about adding segments, see Yandex Audience Help. When the segment status changes to Ready, it will appear in the Adfox interface on the Targeting → Yandex Audience segments tab in the Custom segments from Yandex Audience section. The segment will be available in Adfox automatically if you use the same Yandex ID to log in to Yandex Audience and Adfox. If you want to use segments from another account, grant the Adfox account access to them in the Yandex Audience interface.

Public segments

Restriction. Only partners who accepted the additional offer can create public segments based on DMP data. Otherwise, public segments are unavailable, but you can use private DMP segments.

With Yandex Audience, you can use data from Crypta (Yandex technology) and other providers (DMP).

Crypta segments

Crypta is a Yandex technology for analyzing user behavior on the internet. Crypta enables you to show ads to users by age, income, and habits. Learn more about this technology

Categories of Crypta segments
  • Have children.
  • Animals.
  • Health and beauty.
  • Sports.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Family and children.
  • Auto.
  • Finance.
  • Real estate.
  • Clothing, shoes and accessories.

To create a segment based on Crypta data:

  1. Log in to your Yandex Audience personal account using the username for Adfox.
  2. Click Create segment. In the drop-down list, select Data providers (DMP).
  3. To add all categories of Crypta segments, check DMP Crypta in the list. If you need to add individual segments, expand the list of categories and select only the necessary ones.
  4. Click Add segments.

The added segments appear in the Adfox interface on the Targeting → Yandex Audience segments tab in the Data provider segments (DMP) → DMP Crypta section.

The use of Crypta segments is paid: 15 rubles per thousand impressions (CPM). At the end of each month, an invoice will be issued for payment. The full rules of the cost of services and payment terms are specified in paragraph 5 of the offer Services “Data provider segments (DMP)” in “Adfox”.

Note. Starting July 1, 2023, all Adfox partners can access Crypta segments for free without an additional offer.
External DMP segments
Attention. Public segments of external DMPs will be disabled for all Adfox partners from July 1, 2023. For targeting with external DMP data, connect DMP private segments.

Public segments from external DMPs are provided for a fee based on an additional agreement to the contract with Adfox. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is indicated in the Yandex Audience interface. The cost of the segment is fixed at the time you create a campaign.

In the Adfox interface, public segments are available on the Targeting → Yandex Audience segments tab in the Data provider segments (DMP) section.

DMP private segments

External DMPs can provide access to private segments separately to specific Adfox partner accounts upon request. Such segments will be available in the Adfox interface on the Targeting → Yandex Audience segments tab in the DMP private segments section.

Adfox partners and external DMPs make all settlements on their own based on mutual agreements. Yandex doesn't take part in payment transactions between DMPs and Adfox partners and doesn't charge any fees for using segments.

Check the conditions for connecting private segments with the DMP. For DMP contact details, go to Yandex Audience Help.

Set up targeting in Adfox

  1. Create segments in the Yandex Audience interface.
  2. In the Adfox interface, open the targeting settings at the campaign, banner, or campaign placement level.
  3. Go to Targeting → Yandex Audience segments.
  4. Enable targeting.
  5. Select the condition for comparing audience data:
    • AND: The user must fall into all the selected segments.
    • OR: The user must fall into at least one of the selected segments.
  6. Select the segments you need.
  7. Click Change.

If you've prepared segments in Yandex Audience based on data from different DMPs, then you can use a segment from only one data provider when setting up targeting in Adfox for one object (campaign or banner).

When using custom segments for the first time (all except segments based on DMP data), it may take several hours to enable targeting. We recommend setting up targeting in advance, before the campaign is launched. If the segment has already been used for targeting settings, targeting will be enabled right away.

Examples of solutions

Using custom data (1st party data)

You can use the Yandex Audience service to activate custom data about visitors on your placements.

By analyzing the behavior of the audience on the placement (for example, using Yandex Metriсa or AppMetrica), you can track how users' interests are reflected in their behavior. For example, the owners of a certain car model will spend more time in sections dedicated to this particular model, and football fans will watch broadcasts of matches where "their" team plays more often. Based on the information from the Yandex Audience counters, you can also group users with similar behavior into segments to offer advertisers narrower and more accurate targeting.

If you want to find an audience on the site that have already seen an advertiser's banner or video (for example, to reduce or increase the frequency of impressions or show them another creative), you can group them into a segment using a Yandex Audience pixel.

You can also create segments of similar users using look-alike technology based on your own segments in Yandex Audience. Use such segments to increase the coverage of campaigns. You can also get less coverage with greater accuracy, or the other way round.

Using narrow exclusive segments from DMPs for campaign targeting in Adfox.
In external DMPs, the required sets of user segments are created for the advertiser. Then, the DMP uses the Yandex Audience service to provide access to these segments to a specific Adfox user who is already targeting campaigns.


The calculations in reports on Yandex Audience segments are performed using a new technology, in real time without delay.

You can find more information about reports on Yandex Audience segments here.

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