1. Set up targeting
  2. New browser versions

Targeting by browser enables you to target by browsers. It's used, for example, to show ads for Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla to Internet Explorer users.

Set up targeting

By default, targeting is enabled for all browsers. Open the Targeting → Browsers tab and make sure that the necessary browsers are checked in the list.

Targeting by version is available for some browsers. Click show versions next to the browser name and select the required versions.

To save the settings, click Change.

New browser versions

When a new version of the browser is released, Adfox adds this version to the directory for targeting.

The current campaigns will check targeting, and the new version will be added as:

  • Enabled: If there was no targeting by browser (all browsers are enabled).
  • Disabled: If targeting to certain browsers was enabled.

This logic for adding a new browser version can be redefined to always allow new browser versions: the current settings of campaigns won't be taken into account. To configure this logic, contact support.

Contact support