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Targeting by device type is based on user data passed in the User-Agent header of an ad request.

With this targeting, you can show ads to users on certain devices. This way, you can differentiate the site's audience and show the most relevant ads: for example, only to smartphone and tablet owners. Or show ads only to desktop users and don't show them on mobile devices.

Using this type of targeting in combination with other types, advertisers can select the most relevant audience for their campaigns.

Possible types of user devices:

  • Computer
  • Smart TV
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Phone
Difference between smartphones and phones
A smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced functionality that has an open operating system and supports multitasking. Today, most phones are smartphones, which support a variety of apps, including fully functional mobile browsers that can display both mobile and desktop versions of web pages. A phone is a device with fewer functions. It doesn't offer high performance, is mainly intended for voice communication, and supports simplified browser versions (wap).

Set up targeting

Targeting is set on the Targeting → Device type tab. Targeting is disabled by default, meaning campaigns will be displayed on all device types.


Data in the Device type report are updated hourly and are available at all levels.

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