Logical targeting

  1. How it works
  2. Set up targeting
Attention. Only the account administrator has access to logical targeting settings for campaigns. These settings are not available to users with other roles.

With logical targeting, you can specify values for campaign impressions using the AND/OR/NOT conditions.

Logical targeting supports custom targeting. To enabled logical targeting, send a request to support.

You can enable the assistant's access to logical targeting the same as the account administrator. All the characteristics will be available to the assistant. It is impossible to limit the visibility of specific characteristics.

How it works

All types of targeting in Adfox work based on the AND condition. This means that if you set up targeting by frequency and geography for a campaign, the impression is only possible if these two conditions are met at the same time.

In logical targeting, you can now set complex conditions for showing ads using logical expressions. Logical expressions are written in the form of blocks, which can be either a characteristic with a set of possible values, or a logical operation combining child blocks.

Here are some examples:

[ ]: A block with a logical operation.

( ): A block with a characteristic.

[(puid1=A) AND (puid2=B)]
[(puid1=A) OR (NOT puid2=B)]
[[(puid1=A) AND (puid2=B)] OR [(puid1=C) AND (puid2=D)]]
Note. If you're useing logical and custom targeting, the campaign will be displayed if all of the targeting set is performed at the same time.

Set up targeting

  1. Go to the Targeting → Logical tab and enable targeting at the bottom of the screen. Then click Change.
  2. Specify condition types and blocks with characteristics:
    1. Select the condition type inside block 1 (the block will be added automatically):
      • AND: Child blocks are connected by the AND condition.
      • OR: Child blocks are connected by the OR condition.
      • Characteristic: A block is a characteristic and can't have child blocks and conditions.
    2. Create nested blocks with conditions and/or characteristics. Select the block type to the right of the Add block button:
      • AND or OR condition.
      • Characteristic. Specify the name of the characteristic and allowed values.

The Invert option is available for each block, and you can use it to assign the NOT logic to the block.

For example, show the campaign only with the following values:

[(puid1=A) AND (NOT puid2=B)]

This meas that the campaign can be selected for display only if the puid1=A and puid2=C values are passed in the request. But if a combination of the puid1=A and puid2=B values is passed in the request, the campaign won't be shown.

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