1. Set up targeting
  2. Access to reports for advertisers

Targeting by demographics is based on audience data on gender, age, and income collected with Crypta technology.

To enable targeting by demographics, contact your manager or support.

Targeting by demographics is only available for commercial campaigns and is not available for measuring campaigns.

Set up targeting

Open Targeting → Demographics. You can use the following characteristics to set up targeting:

  • gender
  • age
  • income

Targeting is disabled by default for all campaigns, which means that the campaign will be shown to users with any gender, age, and income characteristics.

You can enable targeting. In this case, a separate report on impressions with targeting will be generated.

Note. Statistics in the report are only collected during the period when targeting is enabled.

You can both set one characteristic and combine the values of several characteristics at the same time (for example, by gender and by age).

Attention. To redefine the settings at the banner level, enable the Settings redefined option and make sure that the Enable targeting option is disabled. After you save the changes, the banners will be targeted based on the campaign settings.

Access to reports for advertisers

The account administrator can manage access to reports on the Users → Participants → Advertisers → Available reports tab.

  1. For campaigns:
    • Impressions and banner ad responses by gender

    • Impressions and banner ad responses by age

    • Impressions and banner ad responses by income

  2. Reports: impressions and banner ad responses using targeting by demographics.

By default, access to these reports is disabled for all advertisers in your account. So, if you need to share the report with a specific advertiser, grant them access.

With access to the report granted, advertisers can see statistics for all campaigns for which such targeting was enabled. There will be no such statistics for other campaigns.

Moreover, if the campaign (NEW) has several flights and targeting is enabled for only one flight, the report will be available for this flight and the campaign will only have data for this one flight in the report.

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