1. Targeting by day of the week/hour
  2. User's time
  3. Targeting by day of the month

Targeting by day of the week/hour

To limit campaign impressions to certain days of the week or time of the day, go to the Targeting → Time → Days of the week/hour tab in campaign targeting settings and click Change.

Select any hour of each of the seven days of the week for impressions. To speed up the process, you can use the On and Off buttons to add or remove entire columns (days of the week) and rows (hours).

You can set separate limits for impressions per day and per hour for each day of the week.

Note. If you're using targeting by time/day/hour for banners, you can't select the days and hours that are disabled if:
  1. The ad running speed is spread traffic evenly (by day limit, throughout the entire period, or by general limit (automatic prolongation)).
  2. The campaign has prohibited (disabled) hours/days in targeting by time/day/hour.

However, you can disable the hours/days for the banner if such hours/days are enabled for the campaign.

User's time

When the User's time option is enabled, targeting is applied based on the clock on the user's computer. In Adfox statistics, however, such impressions will still be counted according to Moscow time.

Technical features of targeting by time

When the User's time option is enabled, the transfer of the user's time to the system request is a prerequisite for the correct targeting.

The ad tag has the pt parameter that defines which time will be used:

Moscow time of the server.
User's time (of the visitor to the site): in this case, it's mandatory to pass the user's time values in the request code to the variables pv, pd, and pw. If the response returns pt=b and no time values are passed, Moscow time is used.
Day of the month: a number from 1 through 31.
Day of the week: a number from 0 through 6, where 0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday, and so on.
Client hour: a number from 0 through 23.
For example, the banner is targeted to be shown from 09:00 to 09:59 in Khabarovsk and the User's time option is enabled. This means that the targeting condition will be met when a user in Khabarovsk is shown the banner at 09:00. In Moscow, this will be 02:00. This means that the impression for this banner will be recorded in the report at 02:00.

Targeting by day of the month

Go to the Targeting → Time → Day of the month tab, click Change, and mark the days of the month during which impressions should be shown.

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