This type of targeting is convenient if you need to show ads on a specific list of site pages or prohibit impressions on individual pages.

Set up targeting

  1. Open the Targeting → URL tab.
  2. Select the template type (Standard or POSIX.2) you'll be using to specify the addresses of the pages.
  3. Enter up to 5 page templates in each window. Each new template should be on a new line.

    A field with the POSIX.2 template type may contain no more than 3000 characters.

The campaign will be shown on the pages specified in the Allowed templates window and won't be visible on the pages listed in the Excluded templates window.

If you leave the Allowed templates field empty and fill in only the Excluded templates field, the campaign will be shown everywhere except for the exception pages.

Example. Let's say you have a section about vehicles on your website: for example, vehicles. It has a subsection about motorcycles: motorcycles. You need to set up targeting in the vehicles section, but you don't want to show ads in the motorcycles section. Then, in the first window (the list of allowed URLs), enter http://www.example.com/vehicles/, and in the second window (the list of prohibited URLs), input a more narrow template http://www.example.com/vehicles/motorcycles/.

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