Site owner

  1. Create a site owner
  2. Add the owner to a site
  3. Setting up rights

The site owner is a representative of the site where you place ads. The site owner is granted access to statistics only for the sites where they are listed as the owner.

If the site owner already has access to Adfox, use the copying users function.

Create a site owner

  1. Open the Users → Participants → Site owners tab and click + Create new.
  2. Create an account for the site owner:

    Create a user login. You can only use Latin letters, numbers, dashes, underscores, and periods. The login must contain from 1 to 32 characters.

    The login must be unique within the Adfox system. If you enter a login that's already taken, a warning appears.

    The email address used for registration. An email with an invitation to the Adfox interface is sent to this address. Registration is performed using a Yandex ID.
  3. If necessary, fill out the Contact information block. This information is optional when creating a site owner. They can fill it out themselves when they get access to the interface.
  4. Click Add.
The site owner has been created. An email with a registration link is sent to the specified email address.

Add the owner to a site

When creating a site, select a user in the Site owner parameter.

If the site already exists, on the Sites tab, click next to the site. In the Site owner field, select a user from the list.

Setting up rights

Access to objects

To set up access rights for the site owner, go to the Users → Participants → Site owners tab and click next to the account. On the Settings tab, you can enable the following options:

  • Impressions and banner ad responses are available for viewing: The reports will include data on the number of banner ad responses and impressions.
  • Access to campaigns: The site owner will have access to the Campaigns tab with a list of campaigns and banners placed on their sites, as well as all summary information about these objects. Editing is not supported.
Available reports

You can select the types of reports to be available to the site owner. On the Users → Participants → Site owners tab, click next to the account.

In the list, select all the reports that the site owner should have access to. Click Save.

Access to editing the banner code
The administrator can also set up access to the backup ad on the site owner's placement.

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