Security icons

To protect your activities on the Internet, Yandex Browser uses the Protect integrated security system. Use icons in the SmartBox to access the Protect information and settings quickly.

  1. Protect icons
  2. Connection status
  3. Detailed information about the connection status
  4. Security settings

Protect icons

Security icons are displayed in the SmartBox to the right and left of the page address. Click the icon to open the Protect panel. On the panel, you will see security details. You can also change security settings there.

You will see the following icons:

Connection status

Icon Description
An unprotected HTTP Protocol is used. It is not recommended to enter any personal information (especially your payment data) on such sites, as a hacker can easily steal it.
HTTPS protocol is in use. Transferred data is encrypted and the site has an up-to-date Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. If there is no such icon in the Smartbox, do not enter any confidential information on this site (for example, your bank card number).
HTTPS protocol is in use but the site's certificate is less secure than EV.
HTTPS protocol is in use and the site has a current EV certificate, but there are unsafe elements loaded on the page.

This icon appears if:

  • the form on the page sends data over the HTTP protocol without encryption;
  • the publisher of a locally installed certificate is not known to Yandex;
  • images load over an unsecure protocol, even though the page load over HTTPS.

Data transfer might not be secure.

The page contains dangerous element, there are unprotected elements on an HTTPS page, or ads blocked by Antishock.
The page might be dangerous for your data. The website’s certificate might have been revoked or might not be current.
The browser has no information about the security of this site's connection.
Internal browser page. Your data is protected.

Detailed information about the connection status

To get detailed information about your connection security (for example, about the site's certificate, encryption protocol used, or blocked contents):

  1. Open the webpage.
  2. In the SmartBox, click the connection status icon.
  3. The Protect panel opens. In the connection status section, click Learn more.

Security settings

Most options on the Protect panel apply to the page that is opened. But for the sake of convenience, there are also some settings in the General security settings section that apply to all sites. To change these settings:

  1. In the SmartBox, click the connection status icon.
  2. On the Protect panel, in the Security settings section, enable the following options:

    • Display a warning about entering bank card information on unsafe sites — to activate credit card protection.
    • Block ads with offensive, shocking, or unpleasant images — to get rid of unsolicited ads.
Note. To change the processing rules for elements on the current site (for example, to deny this website access to the microphone), follow the Learn more link on the Protect panel. If you need to change processing rules for all sites at once, go to Settings.