CNAME record

With a CNAME record, you can use a subdomain in your domain as an alias for another domain. For example, use the CNAME record to redirect users to your company's Yandex Mail from an address like

If you delegate your domain to Yandex servers, the CNAME record is configured automatically.

  1. General instructions for setting up CNAME records

General instructions for setting up CNAME records

To configure access to an email address like mail.yourdomain.tld:

  1. Log in to the domain (DNS zone) control panel on the website of your DNS hosting company.

  2. Create a CNAME record with the following values (the field names may be different depending on the control panel):

    • Subdomain name (or Host): mail.

      In some control panels, you need to specify the full subdomain name as the record name: for example:,mail.yourdomain.tld.

    • Value:

      Note that you don't actually need to change the name of your server (change domain to your domain name).

      Put a dot at the end of the server name if your control panel doesn't add it by default.

    • If the TTL field is required, enter 21600.
  3. Wait for the changes to take effect. It may take up to 72 hours for DNS servers to exchange updated data about DNS records.

Attention. You can't add a CNAME record if a different type of record has already been created for this host. For example, if a TXT record is already configured for a subdomain, delete it and create a CNAME record for that host.