Microsoft 365 (One Drive)

Start migration

  1. Prepare a secret, link a domain, and prepare employee accounts if you haven't already done so.
    Note. The secret applies to all running migrations. If you have already started migration and then upload a new secret, it will be applied to this migration. The secret permissions are also taken into account: if the new secret only has access to files and you have started email migration, it will stop.
  2. Select where you want to migrate files from: click Microsoft 365.
  3. Upload the secret file and click Next.
  4. Specify the accounts for which you want to start migration:
    1. Download the CSV file template.
    2. Following the example, add the usernames of employees for whom you want to migrate files.

      The first row in the file is the account field headers. Don't delete it. Each following line must contain data for one account, delimited by a semicolon and in quotation marks.

      The usernames in the yandex_login column must match the account names in Microsoft 365. For example, for the account i.ivanov@example.test, enter the username i.ivanov in the yandex_login column.

      The resulting file should have the following structure:

      Note. You can add up to 20,000 usernames to a file. If the company has more employees, you can run multiple migrations with different CSV files. Migrations will run in parallel.
    3. Save the CSV file in UTF-8 encoding (in Microsoft Excel, click Save as → CSV-UTF8).
      Attention. If you save the file in a different encoding, it won't be recognized correctly.
    4. Click Upload CSV and select your file.
  5. Click Start migration.

    Migration doesn't happen immediately. Data collection takes from a few minutes to two hours, and then the files start appearing on Yandex Disk. If some of the files are already on Yandex Disk (for example, they were moved earlier), the dates when they were last changed on One Drive and Yandex Disk are compared, and the older versions are replaced with the newer ones.

    When migration is completed, the files don't sync. If new files appeared in One Drive after migration started and you want to transfer them to Yandex Disk, start a new migration.

Note. If you plan to run multiple migrations, save the log file before each run (you can download it by clicking Details). If errors occur during migration, you'll be able to track at which run they appeared.

What happens if you stop migration

All running migrations will be stopped.

What happens if you start a new migration

The new migration will run in parallel with the already running migrations.


To view the report with a detailed description of errors, click Details in the top right corner of the active migration page. For information on how to fix them, see Migration error report.