Inviting people to events

  1. Click an event in the calendar grid, then click .
  2. In the Participants field, start typing the name or address of someone you want to invite. Yandex.Calendar will show auto-complete suggestions.

    Note. You can send an invite to the user of any mail service and they will be prompted to add this event to their calendar.

    If an invited user can't join an event because they are busy at the time according to their calendar, their address is highlighted in red. You can check when users are available by looking at the Participant availability section.

  3. Specify event access permissions in the Access section. If permitted, participants can edit your event and invite other users.
    Note. If you share the calendar with other users, information about this event is available to all the participants you shared it with. However, you can make an event private so that only its participants can access this information. To do that, enable the Participants only option in the Visibility section.
  4. Click Save.

Accepting or declining an invitation

If you were invited to an event, you'll receive an email with the invitation. To accept or decline the invitation, click one of the links in the email: I'm going, Maybe, I'm not going. When you accept the invitation, the event is added to your calendar.

If you aren't getting any event invitations, contact us about the problem. Your message should contain the following information:

  • A link to the event that you didn't receive an invitation to
  • The selected notification method
  • The Yandex login of the person who invited you to the event
  • Your Yandex login