About Yandex.Calendar

Yandex.Calendar is a service for planning your day-to-day tasks, from regular events to important meetings.

Logging in to Yandex.Calendar

Learn how to log in to Yandex.Calendar and what to do if it doesn't open.

To-do list

Create a to-do list and set up notifications about things you plan to do.

Working with Yandex.Calendar

Create and customize your calendar. Share a link or share access to your calendar.

Events in Yandex.Calendar

Create events and invite your friends or co-workers. Transfer events between different calendars.

Yandex.Calendar on your phone or tablet

Yandex.Calendar is available on Android and iOS in the mobile version, Yandex.Mail app, and Yandex.Calendar app.

Yandex.Calendar for desktop

Sync Yandex.Calendar with Windows and macOS calendar apps.