Disabling syncing with your website

Attention. This information is intended for site administrators.

If your site hosts calendars, users can export your events in iCalendar format to their own Yandex.Calendar. After the events are added, the Yandex.Calendar robot starts downloading updates from your website every once in a while and syncs them with the user's Yandex.Calendar.

The Yandex.Calendar robot ignores the rules in the robots.txt file for undefined web crawlers (User-agent: *). If you want to restrict access to your website for the Yandex.Calendar robot, add the following rule to robots.txt:

User-agent: YandexCalendar
Disallow: /*.ics$

Once it's done, events in your calendar will no longer sync with your users' calendars.

Learn more about robots.txt and using individual Yandex robots in the Using robots.txt help section.