Creating an event

You can create an event in one of the following ways:

  1. Click on a time and date in the calendar. The simplified event creation form will pop up over the calendar grid.
  2. Enter a name and a description.
  3. Specify the time and date. If this is a recurring meeting, enable the Repeat option.
    Tip. To create birthday reminders, select Repeats yearly in the Repeat list for each event.

If you want to add participants, specify the location of the event, and set the time and notification method, click Full event settings.

If you share the calendar with other users, information about this event is available to all the participants you shared it with. However, you can make an event private so that only its participants can access this information. To do that, switch to the full event settings and enable the Participants only option.

Click Create and the event will immediately appear in the calendar. The event will take the color of the calendar.

You can also add events to your calendar from a file or via a link. To learn more, go to Importing events from another calendar.

I can't create events

If you received an error message, it means that our security system finds your account suspicious. Possible reasons are that there is no phone number linked to your account or that your full name specified in your account is fictitious.

As such, you'll be temporarily blocked from creating events in Yandex.Calendar. To resolve this issue, please provide accurate information in your account settings and link your phone number on the Phone numbers page. The block will be automatically lifted.