Photo contests

The Yandex.Collections service hosts regular photo contests. You can take part in the contests by sending in your photos and voting on other people's submissions. To view the current contest and all of the previous ones, go to the Contests page.

  1. Acceptable submissions
  2. Participate in a contest
  3. Remove a photo from a contest
  4. Judging
  5. Vote for a photo
  6. Report rule violations

Acceptable submissions

The photo must meet the following criteria:

Only original works are approved

You can only submit photos you've taken yourself. Do not send in photos taken by your relatives, or photos from your family archive. A moderator can ask you to send in the original image in the comments, i.e. your original file with EXIF-data, copied from your camera without any digital alterations. Send us your photo using the feedback form with the topic “Original contest image” and the link to your file. Users who submit photos or photo compilations made by other people may be disqualified from taking part in future contests.

Contest topics

Keep in mind each contest's name and description and, most importantly, the contest rules. The rules outline what should and should not be captured in your photo submissions.

Main object in the frame

The object you're shooting must take center stage in your photo. It shouldn't be lost in the background or among other objects.

Minimum photo size

The photo's shorter side must be at least 800 pixels long. When cropping the frame, stick to the original aspect ratio.

Meaningful names and tags

Each contest photo must have a sensible name. Do not use random titles like 0003449, DSC_0013 or IMG_4039. Don't forget to add tags to describe your photos in more detail. Photos containing advertising messages and links in the description are not accepted.

No date and time in the image

The photos themselves must not contain the date and time in the corner of the frame. Some cameras add these captions automatically. Make sure to disable this option in your camera's settings.

No composite or photoshopped images

We do not accept composite or "photoshopped" images that combine parts of different photos with added or removed elements. The contest moderator may ask you to post the original file in the comments to make sure that it's not a collage. Send us your original file using the feedback form with the topic “Photo authenticity verification” and the link to your file.

Try to avoid excessive digital processing with photo-editing software. Do not apply multiple effects that lower the image quality or make it less realistic.

No borders or captions

Contest photos must not have any borders. You can, however, use vignetting. Photos must not contain captions, logos, or web addresses layered on top of the image. The only exception are semi-transparent captions with the author's full name or nickname in the corner (for example, Alice Little). Font size must not exceed 24 pt. The author's signature can also have a copyright symbol and the photo's publication date (such as © Alice Little, 2017).

High image quality

The higher the image quality, the higher the chance the photo will be accepted for a contest. If an image is too blurry or has incorrect exposure or white balance, it can be disqualified. Other defects include digital noise, excessive contrast, and skewed horizons. The photo can use any format, but the photo's original aspect ratio should be kept when framing. Photos of other images (i.e. photos of your monitor, TV screen, or other photos) will not be accepted.

Sometimes such "defects" can be a deliberate artistic choice (e.g. a quality image using double exposure or an intentionally blurry image). Such images will of course be accepted.

Artistic photography

Do not send mundane pictures of your daily life (e.g. a family dinner, a baby taking a bath, an unfinished gazebo near your summer cottage). The goal of Yandex.Collections contests is to support artistic photography by professionals and enthusiasts alike. Users are most interested in original, vibrant, and artistic pictures. Check out the winners from any of the previous contests to get an idea.

Acceptable image content

Psychedelic, abstract, as well as pornographic or otherwise off-putting imagery is not acceptable.

Complying with the Yandex.Collections User Agreement

If an image in any way breaches our User Agreement, it will not be accepted as a submission.

Participate in a contest

  1. Read our recommendations in the section Acceptable submissions.
  2. Read the rules and participation terms on the contest's page.
  3. Click Enter contest on the contest's page.
  4. Upload a new photo to your collections.

The photo will then be reviewed by a moderator. Once your submission is approved, you will get a notification on the Yandex.Collections page. To view all of your notifications, click in the upper-right corner.

Don't change access rights to your photo until the end of the contest. If you restrict access to your collection, your submission will be disqualified.

Remove a photo from a contest

There are two ways to remove your contest photo:
  • Change access rights to the collection with your contest photo (i.e. restrict access for other users).
  • Delete the card with the contest photo from your collections.


All the information on a current contest can be viewed on the contest page in the Topic contests section. Each contest has two stages:

  1. Users submit their work.
  2. The submission period ends as the voting starts. All works have an equal shot at winning the contest, no matter their submission date.

The photo liked by the largest number of Yandex.Collections users wins the contest. The authors of the 10 best photos will receive prizes from Yandex.

Note. The number of views or comments does not affect the photo's ranking in the contest. The only relevant factor is the number of Likes received during the contest.

Vote for a photo

  1. Open the contest page.
  2. Click Vote.
  3. Scroll through photos by clicking on the Like and Dislike buttons: the Like button adds one vote for the photo, while the Dislike button will just show you the next photo.
Note. You can only vote once per photo by clicking Like. You can't vote for your own photos.

Report rule violations

Write to us via the feedback form with the topic “Contest rule violation” and the link to the photo in question. Make sure to specify the reason why you think the photo violates our rules. All reports will be checked by our moderation team.