My feed

The My feed section is based on your subscriptions and personalized recommendations. In recommendations you will see cards and topics that are similar to your own or those that you have already searched for.

If a card appears in your feed that is not from a collection you are subscribed to, the lower part of that card will show details on where the card is from, such as what topic or what recommendation.

If you think that Yandex.Collections has incorrectly recommended a card to you, you can fix this:

  1. Click the icon on the card.
  2. Choose from the following options that appear:
    • Hide card — this will report it as an error in your personal recommendations. The card will be hidden from your feed.
    • Report — this will report the card and its content as inappropriate in Yandex.Collections. The card will be hidden from your feed.

Your feedback will be checked and then taken into account by Yandex.Collections automatic algorithms, which will help improve the quality of your personal recommendations.