Personal data management

When you use the internet, your personal data (such as your browsing history, search queries, and correspondence) remains in the browser.

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, users can manage their personal data on the services where the data is stored. For example, if a user wants to delete their data, the service must grant their request.

On Yandex services, we store users' personal data with utmost care and make sure it's well-protected. All our repositories comply with SOC 2, which is one of the most reliable international standards for managing user data.

You can manage your personal information on the Your data on Yandex page.

  1. Go to Your data on Yandex and make sure that you're logged in with the right Yandex ID.
  2. Click Download data.
  3. Click Create archive.

Yandex will notify you by email when the archive is ready for download. If you don't have a Yandex email, you have to check the archive loading status on the page.

Note. The archive is password-protected. To learn how to get a password and open the archive, see the Yandex ID Help.