Questions about the home page

I can't set Yandex as my home page

Try to make your home page by following these guidelines. If it doesn't help, contact us and describe the issue and the steps leading up to it.

The Yandex page doesn't load

If you're using an ad blocker (such as AdBlock or AdGuard), try disabling it and reloading the home page. If an ad blocker causes the issue, enable and configure it so that Yandex works correctly.

If these suggestions didn't help, contact us about the error. Let us know if you experience the same issue when using another browser. If possible, attach a screenshot of the page.

The city is identified incorrectly

Describe the issue you're having in detail:

  • Send us a link to the page where you see an incorrectly identified city.
  • Specify the city that appear in settings after you click the Find me button and the city you're actually in.
  • Go to Yandex Internetometer and click Copy to clipboard at the bottom of the page. Paste the text into the Technical information field of the feedback form.