Configuring filters

To generate dynamic ads you can use the entire feed or apply filters to choose individual products. On the ad group editing page, click +New filter and add up to 50 filters connected by the conjunction “OR”.

Set the product selection rules

Selection rules determine which products are used or excluded when generating dynamic ads. All products are grouped by some attributes (category, price etc.). These attributes depend on the feed type.
Retail sales, other business: Yandex Market feed

For this type, attributes are displayed in a tree view or condition list. It's recommended that advertisers that have just started working with feeds use the Category tree.

Select the desired category or sub-category of products in the tree:

You can also specify a range of product prices and vendors, or only select products that are in stock.

The category tree is updated once a day during the repeat automatic validation of the feed.

Hotels: Google Ads “Hotels and rentals” feed

It is convenient to select hotels in the feed with the same parameters by using criteria. For instance, you can select hotels with a certain number of stars, or hotels in the same price range. The following feed parameters can be specified in criteria:

Parameter Description

Property ID

The ID of the hotel

Property name

The name of the hotel

Final URL

The URL of the offer page

Destination name

The location of the hotel


The price of the offer

Star rating

The number of stars


The description of the hotel