Impression statistics

You can view reports about your ad campaign after it has become active. Click View statistics on the campaign page. This data will help you assess the ads generated and user queries that triggered your ads.

For example, to analyze ad statistics in the Report Wizard, select the cross sections “Product/catalog name”, “Title”, “Text”, “Link”, “Product category”, and “Product manufacturer”. They help analyze the performance of specific products through the lens of familiar metrics, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue. This information will be useful for campaign optimization. For example, you can find out which items bring you the most conversions or revenue and check this data against the cost revenue ratio.

The category and manufacturer in the report are taken from the feed or the site's microdata (if you set up site-based report generation in your campaign).

If you use the same cross sections in the Search queries report, you can see which queries triggered impressions for which product ad and find ideas for improving your feed.

Learn more about evaluating campaign performance.

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