Impressions on mobile devices

Yandex Direct ads are shown on desktop devices (computers and laptops), tablets, and mobile devices (mobile phones and smartphones). You can enhance your advertising campaigns with ads for mobile devices that have separate advertising texts and landing pages.

If your campaign contains both mobile and regular ads, then the system will give preference to mobile ads when they are served on phones and regular ads when they are served on computers and tablets. Even if the user is on the regular version of Yandex on their mobile phone, the mobile bid rate will apply for impressions.

Ads served on computers and tablets use the same settings and prices are used, but prices for mobile ads (on mobile phones) can be adjusted separately.

What an ad looks like

Ads on Yandex search for mobile devices will look like this:

When ads are served on ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges), you can display images in your ads (if settings of ad platforms provide for that).

An effective mobile ad contains a concise and clear text which is easy to read on a mobile phone screen. You can add up to four sitelinks that lead to pages of the advertised site. If sitelink texts don't fit in the line, a horizontal scroll bar appears.

Add a vCard or Yandex Business card to your ad so that users can quickly contact you. Users can call you by clicking your phone number in the ad.

How to create a mobile ad

When creating a new ad, select Mobile as the ad type.

It is important that the ad group contains not only mobile ads, but also “regular” ads. Then the system will distribute the traffic between them correctly: the mobile ads will be displayed on mobile phones and the regular ads on all other devices.

If there are only mobile ads in your ad group, the ads will also display on desktops based on their CTR forecast. Likewise, if the group does not contain a special mobile ad, your regular ads will display on smartphones based on the CTR forecast for mobile devices.

You can experiment with the bid ratio to get the required number of click-throughs from mobile phones.


Only new ads can be designated as mobile ads. You can not change the ad type later.

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