The phone number of the organization

In “Text & Image Ads” campaigns, you can add the phone number of the business from Yandex Business. You can use different numbers for different ads. For example, in ads with a promo offer for a product, add the phone number of the sales consultant, and in an ad about delivery services, give the number of the delivery department.

This will make your ads more targeted, allow you to process the client's request faster, and get statistics by clicking a phone number or call button.

  1. How to add a phone number
  2. Bulk number management

How to add a phone number

You can specify the phone number on the ad creation or editing page.
Step 1.

Make sure that the ad is linked to a business in Yandex Business. If your business isn't registered there, you can quickly add it and link it to your ad immediately. To do this, click Add business.

Step 2.

Make sure that you have the rights to the business. Only business owners or representatives can choose the phone number.

Learn more about how to confirm your rights to a business.

Step 3.

Under Contact info in ads, edit Phone number in ad. You can select one of the phones from the drop-down list or add a different number. The information in Yandex Business will not change.

The phone number can be shown in ads in search results or ad networks, as well as in ads in Yandex Maps.

Bulk number management

You can bulk add, replace, or unlink a phone number from multiple Text & Image ads.

  1. On the Campaigns page, select the desired campaigns and go to their ads.
  2. Select several ads or the entire list.
  3. Click Actions and select Phone number in the ad from the menu.
  4. Select one of your company's phone numbers from the list or enter a number manually. If your ads use contacts from different companies, you can select one of the numbers you added manually.
    The number will be added or replaced in all the selected ads.
    Configuration example

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